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Also known as near-sightedness. Your near vision is good but things in the distance are blurry. Myopia occurs when the eye is longer from front to back as compared to an eye with no prescription. Glasses or contact lenses can help patients with myopia see much better.


Also known as far-sightedness. Your distance vision is good but your near vision can be strained. Younger patients have an easier time focusing through hyperopia and having fairly good vision compared to patients over 40. Hyperopia occurs when the eye is shorter from front to back as compared to an eye with no prescription. Glasses or contact lenses can help patients with myopia see better and have more relaxed and comfortable vision. Read more about Hyperopia here.


Astigmatism is very common and is not an eye disease as many people think. With astigmatism, the shape of the front of the eye is more like an oval rather than a circle. So, eyes can have problems with headaches and eye strain because the eye focuses light differently. Glasses or Toric contact lenses help patients see more clearly and sharply.


This is a very normal condition as we age. Your near vision becomes blurry and it is difficult to see at near. This happens because the natural lens that is inside the eye becomes less flexible (like everything else does with age!). Sometimes people notice that it is tougher to focus up close and then also tough to try and de-focus as we look in the distance. Bifocal or Progressive glasses, or Multifocal contact lenses can help people with presyopia see comfortably at both far and near.

Kids & Vision

We can perform eye exams on children as young as six months old! Check out Dr. Zamberlan’s InfantSee video and the website for more information on how those exams are done.

Did you know? One out of ten children need some type of vision correction, but less than half of them receive the care and prescription they need. We recommend bringing kids in annually for their eye exam – just like the dentist and pediatrician.


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