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Our children’s vision is important to their development. It can affect their milestones. We perform eye exams for children as young as six months old! Most American children have not had a quality eye exam. Many need glasses, and don’t even know it!

Dr. Zamberlan has assembled a video for you to see an infant eye exam. Please view it at: InfantSee video and the InfantSee website for more information on how those exams are done.

The vision screenings given at your child’s school are not adequate. They are simple exams done quickly, often by parent volunteers who were trained that morning, to get through a lot of children. Many eye problems are missed. Did you know that one out of ten children need some type of vision correction, but less than half of them receive the care and prescription they need? We recommend bringing kids in annually for their eye exam, schedule it with your dentist and pediatrician appointments.

How do I know if my child has a Vision Problem?

Keep an eye out for these symptoms or behaviors:

  • Short attention span.Lots of blinking or eye rubbing.
  • Not doing well in school.
  • Reading problems, ranging from dislike to not reading well.
  • Difficulty throwing or catching a ball.
  • Difficulty tying their shoes.
  • Sitting close to a TV or holding books close to their face.
We can’t assume that our child can tell us that they are having a problem with their vision. They don’t understand what it means to see properly! Make sure they get a quality eye exam at Evergreen Eye Care in Vancouver, WA.

Kids are Welcome at Evergreen Eye Care!

They have a great time playing here before and after their exams. They also hang out while parents get their eyes checked. We have family friendly DVD’s too.

Did you know? Dr. Zamberlan and Dr. Horrocks are InfantSee providers. This is a program that provides free, comprehensive exams to infants 12 months or younger

Please contact us if you have any questions about bringing your children to the office with you.


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