Contact Lenses

person inserting contact lens

A contact lens, often referred to as simply, a contact, is a small, thin lens placed directly on top of the eye. Contacts are a medical device that is worn to correct vision, or is sometimes used for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons. Contacts are preferred by some for both aesthetic and practical reasons. They are visually invisible and do not get wet from conditions such as sweat, rain, or condensation, making them more comfortable for some. Additionally, there are specific eye conditions in which contacts are recommended over glasses including keratoconus and aniseikonia.


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What forms of Contacts are available?

There are three forms of Contacts that are commonly used.

Soft Lens

Generally considered more comfortable, soft lens allow for better oxygen permeability and lens wetability which our eyes need. Some have even been approved for overnight wearing. Soft Lens are available in both disposable and non-disposable varieties. Disposable contacts have been found to reduce chance of infection and decrease your time of caring for them. Non-disposable contacts are used when you require a specific customization that is not standard.

The disadvantage of Soft Contact Lens is their ability to take in pollutants. Because of their high oxygen permeability, patients with allergies find that those allergens are still causing discomfort to their eyes.

Rigid or Hard Lens

Rigid Lens have been noted for offering clearer vision than Soft Lens. They can be harder to get comfortable with, we recommend wearing them daily to help increase their comfort, but they are a more durable option of Contacts.

Bifocal Lens

Yes, you can have Bifocal Contact Lens. If you are experiencing trouble with both near and far vision, bifocal lenses may be the answer. They offer both the distance and near prescription in one lens. Bifocal Contacts are available in both soft and rigid forms.


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